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Simple & Safe

Highway river lake crossing
A Technician can install the NLLS by placing, spin & snap over the existing messenger or self-support cables. A Terminal Clamp is installed at each termination.
Step two is to place a Rodder & guide tool through the NLLS.
The Guide Tool can pass through multiple pre-installed cables.
The cable can be pulled through your open air duct (NLLS) by attaching cable direct
to the Rodder or a pull rope.
Because of this Simple construction method, a technician installer requires
less expertise and less training then lashing experts.

The NLLS simplifies & provides additional safety on your railroad, highway and river crossings.
Since most of construction with the NLLS can be done at utility poles without excessive heavy equipment or tools, dangerous situations, injuries and risks can be reduced with NLLS construction.
Less tool - Less expenses, inventories
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